Sunday, April 02, 2006


The only ineluctable thing in life is death and the clutches of death did not spare our beloved HOD either.On fateful night of 21st at 8:00p.m. our HOD expired. He was 67. HE was a nice man whos sheer passion usdd to amaze me. His viva was frightening. Getting an A grade is no less than winning a templeton award. He used to be the google for all the teaching staff and students of the cse&it department. Though he finished his studies much earlier than may be even bill gates got the idea of a friendly desktop, his passion for teaching made him update everything happening within his precincts.

After his super annuation from au he cudnt face the prospect of enjoying his rest of the life. So even though he suffered from frail health condition he came as our HOD. I must confess that i havent listened to his single class due to my own useless indulgences(cmon backbenchers u can guess !!) but i will miss the citadel of our college. His parents were prescient enough to name him radha krishna because hes no less than the best teacher of india prof s.radhakrishnan.

But i guess he would not have mind dying in the fashion he did. Because hes still an active professor not retd. professor. I am gonna miss his telugu sametalu.

May his soul rest in peace.. Amen


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