Friday, February 24, 2006

Much ado about nothing PART-1

One day i saw anil ambani addressing an audience and the first lines of his speech were quoted from shakespeare "There is nothing like good or bad in this world. Its what our mind decides what is good and what is bad". I pondered on these lines from time immeroial and i came up with this exposition.

Whats good ? Or whats bad ? Let me recount my personal experience. Theres this phenomonally cliched question which is asked in our college and to the interviews that "What is your ambition ? ". And an equally phenomonally cliched answer from my friends(thank god i was spared the ordeal) is "To settle down in a good job." I used to wonder are these people mud who are going to settle down under water and remain stagnant. And the more wondrous question popping up in my mind is
"What the FUCK is a good job ? ". I mean since my friends are not killers or smugglers(which are also not bad professions) so the most remotely "bad" job left in the world is a blow-job(was that a "bad" joke !!). So where the HELL does a bad job come into the picture.

Another "bad" thing is corruption which we all abhor but is it that "bad". We have seen the recent sting(which unfortunately still contains a lot of venom) operation called "pay-for-questions" where the mlas accepted money to raise questions. And it has gained such a mileage that they have been suspended. But have they really done a "bad" thing ?? I meam when we dont get a ticket for a movie we happily pay 50 bucks extra and watch it in black. When the cylinder is finished ahead of the month evern our mother - who says corruption is bad et al - pays a 100 bucks extra to get the cylinder. So when a common man is inured towards all these things why should the "representative of a common man" face the brunt.

We say that the colonial rule has kept us suppressed for 200years but thanks to the English rule over us that our cities are properly constructed and the education system is in a strategic fashion. If it would not be for english, our own mumbai, would have submerged under the torrential rains which occurred in 2005. They gave us the victorian code of morals . So are the English bad people ? By any yardstick the answer is a big NO.

Sceptics might say, where the hell then rape,bestiality, ad nauseaum fit into the "good" scheme of things. My answer is they are EVIL. And theres a definite demarcation between bad and evil. Because right from our childhood we are taught that - incontinence,drinking,smoking,dating,nudity,pre-marital sex,co-habiting,homosexuality- are "bad" things. Now they are "good" things but our social mores made us perceive them as "bad". Theres going to be a sequel cos this has already extended its length.

P.S: Well the title given is a famous shakespeare play "much ado about nothing".
I came to know that shakespeare gave this name because "nothing" is a
nomenclature for female genitals and something is nomenclature for male
genitals. God knows what he means by that !!
I will be back with part-2


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