Sunday, February 12, 2006

Love is in the air( Oh is it ??)

The other day i was talking with one of my friend who fortuitiously happens to be a girl.She asks me "what are your plans for this valentines day ?"very much aware of the fact that i dont have any such friend whos a "girlfriend".But she knows that i am going to ask her the same question.And when asked she laps on to it and goes into a homily and my phone bill escalates.
She says "u know im very much happy being single and looking at my friends with boyfriends who fight and reconcile i feel being single is being and exciting".I asked myself is she being true or a chance for me to try my luck(just kidding !!!). One of the character in maximum city says that "A mothers love is pure because she will never think that this boy got first rank and so i want him as my own child. Not my son whos last in the class." Can we say the same for a girl ?? Ofcourse not.
But how many of us celebrate mothers day ? Thanks to my school i atleast gave my mom 3 or 4 cards during those days.Once after adoloscence mom is a non-existing entity and a "sweetheart" is an asset.At the risk of sounding idealistic and a gandhian which im not let me look from a general perspective.
Valentines day really reached this euphoric hype when the shiv sainiks ransacked the discos and shops selling valentines merchandise.And then the "lovers" even in jhumri thalaiyya got to know that they have another excuse to "enjoy". These same shiv sainiks who have separated from "The tiger or the remote control(whoever)"
are now saying that valentines day is permissible until vulgarity doesnt happen.
This is the height of hypocrisy ; Raj thackeray needs those student votes to survive and so valentines day is a solemn occasion like marriage. Lets see a general valentines day routine of a couple. The guy gives her roses and the girl a kiss on his cheek (shes no mallika or meghna). After that a movie and then to a secluded place to think bout their future and then a candle-lit dinner. More adventurous ones will propose for a marriage. This is a normal valentine routine and to splurge money anyways do these people need a valentines day. Ofcourse not.
If this day is celebrated by heterosexuals let the "people with different tendencies" also come out of the closet and get entrance into a disco which is for "only couples".This will atleast serve some purpose. Other than for the MNC's who rake in the moolah.


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At 12:46 PM, Blogger sowmitra said...

grt way of telling...specially the humour was good.


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