Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And the sexiest man award goes to.....

A couple of years ago i read somewhere shobhs de quoting that older men are sexier than their younger counterparts.I was naive enough all these days to think that "sexier" means well toned bodies and having energy to take zip and give two whips at the back as and when required and that too without using VIAGRA
After reading Shalimar the clown salman rushdie indeed is the sexiest man and no wonder that his wife(who wont be more than the age of rushdie's daughter,that is,if he had one)preferred over so many "hunks".This is no encomium for rushdie but after reading shalimar the clown i have to .
"My father's murderer is my mother's husband"
This is not ur typical bollywood meange-a-troise. Rushdie pulled it off so well that at once he creates contempt for shalimar the clown and emapthy towards ophuls and boonyi which dont exist at all.This is the kind of magic the book casts on the reader.Weaving a complex plot with only 4 principal characters needs lot of intense detailing and rushdie does exactly that.
Agreed that he is a kashmiri but one needs to consider the fact that hes hardly been in kashmir. However the description of kashmir and demography will instantly qualify as a tourism brochure for kashmir.The Strasbourg episode might make the reader a bit useless but just at the time of squirming the reader is brought into the world of boonyi which is easily the best part of the book.
For me at once verbiage was a good word,more so, because rushdie has used the vocabulary in a befitting manner. Agreed that a normal reader might have to keep dictionary beside while reading the book but the situation demanded those words.
Coming the sketching of characters it was as usual impeccable.Outstanding character is the eponymous one.The shades attached to him are make this book a must read.
Skeptics may argue with the title and say that khushwant singh and garcia marquez are the forerunners but these two people gratified sex as passion and rushdie showed it as emotion and thats where he scored the brownie points.
What ?? Did someone say upamanyu chaterjee ? After his sublime english august his latest one sucks like anything.
I will back with the reivew of MAXIMUM CITY.


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