Thursday, January 26, 2006

paint it yellow

Watching first day morning show movie is quite a dicey proposition.It can be either black or white bcos ur the first one watching so no hope of grey at all.But 2day it was "yellow". Yeah thts wat basanti means and yes im talking bout rang de basanti.
I dint knew it was so hyped.Huge crowd was there to be seen.Lots of pretty faces(AHEM !!) which turned exasperated after delay in the screening of movie.
Now im not giving a critique on the movie but a kind of.The director rakesh(rakeysh!!) mehra it seemed quite evident was looking to shed his maverick tag which got attached due to AKS(did u say when did that release ?). If it was mythology which was the basis for AKS(which means reflection) then its history for RDB. And tht too bollywoods(sorry mr.bachchan) most hackneyed character bhagat singh. Basically the story is about 4 wayward guys who find a way out(no pun intended). This way is shown by the granddaughter of bhagat singh's jailor(cliche !!).
The director tried to be cathartic but still managed to hold audience in spirits during the first half. But the second half's prolix histocial sequences make you squirm.The director wanted to give message which was very evident but aaj kal bhaashan kaun sunta hai woh bhi paise dekar. The climax was sort of coitus-interruptus.
Coming to performances siddharth stands out and due credit to aamir for being magnanimous for sharing most of the frames with him. And srk and arjun rampal dont cringe guys madhavan suffered a raw deal.
I know i owe a review of shalimar but the shauhar of padmalakshmi is making me reach the dictionary every now and then.Who says man becomes subdued after marriage !! Anyways as of now theres this foreign ambassador whose daughters name is INDIA(yes mera bharat mahaan). Initially she has crush on her father(unfortunately it is so) but later sanity prevails and she develops crush on his driver SHALIMAR.
Thats it for today.


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