Wednesday, January 25, 2006

first things first

Why this maverick site name ? Theres this french playwright franz kafka who drew this picture of an isolated man in a dehumanised world. It was known as KAFKESQUE. Though this was concept in 15th century.Its still relevant these days.Hence kafkesque. I feel close to this cos of late i find this world quite dehumanised.
Now i dont want to sound cathartic thru my blog and bore my limited audience but sorry guys my sites title says experience eccentricity. Of late world has been quite dehumanised. Bush is using WMD's on iraq, brothers r fighting for their property, and black won all awards even though hazaaron khwahishein aisi was in the nominations list.
And now in the land of ethics our own india pre-marital sex is on the rise. Now im not a staunch conservative but still i find the fact bit difficult to digest bcos we r not from bulgaria where it has been made mandatory for every 15yr old teenager to posess a condom or else face imprisonment.
Gay marriages are not seeing their legal light even at the end of tunnel. I hope elton john and david furnish reverse tht trend.
Congress is being perverse by trying listen to what amar singh was talking with actresses.They say it was phone sex.For gods sake concentrate on measures to improve indias GDP congesswalon.
In such chaos any person will be isolated.


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