Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh Lord !! Let there be a DRACULA

In the olden days every vyjayanthi mala movie used to have her inimitable dance. Nowadays every emraan KISSmi(read it as has hashmi) movie has the guy locking his lips with almost every hottie in the tinsel town.
It used to be gratifying for people like me and many others to see a guy who has the gumption to smooch an unknown girl in public(tumsa nahin dekha) or else he asks the girl
"mere liye kuch bhi karogi"
The girl says "haan"
And he says "Toh phir apna top utaro"(aashiq banaya aapne)
The climax of aashiq banaya aapne made me feel that at last we have a guy who is not being hypocritic and doing what any normal guy would do.

When someone asked him about his smooching capabilities.He said
"Im not a DRACULA to go and dig my teeth into a girls lips.I only do if the director asks me to". Touche .

But dont know wat happened to Indian cinema's real hero but he says that he wont be doing anymore kissing scenes. These so called conservatives must have damned him and in the process Bollywood loses a voyeuristic and perverse actor.
God knows wat will happen to Bollywood after the dwindling number of the likes of shakti kapoor and emran hashmi.
Oh Lord !!! Please save the DRACULA

P.S. : The initial lines of this post are direct rip off from a review of subhash.k.jha.


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