Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It was a gala affair with oodles of wisecracks

I have never ever seen an oscars ceremony live. 6th march was the first time when i watched the academy awards live. What an experience it is to watch this programme live from the kodak theter, a very aptly named one for its eponymous moments. The man to host the ceremony this year was the political satirist john stewart and he kept everyone in splits for those three and half hours.

The stand-out wisecracks according to me are as follows

1) Mr.Spielberg made Schindlers list and munich. Jews will feel very happy and what next is it "TRILOGY".

2)I have been wanted to do an act with this lady for quite a long time and she claims this is it.

3) martin scorcese won 0 oscars and 36 mafia won 1 oscar.

4) Capote reinforces the fact that not all gays are virile cowboys

5) Hollywood has always dealt with contentious topics like racism,drugs,aids etc and believe me they were never an issue again

6) Thank god this show is ending on time. I will be on time to watch desperate housewives

7) Matt dillon is here,paul haggis is down there , Sandra bullock is over there, Brendan fraser is at tht corner. U know what raise your hand whoever is not in crash

8)Cinderella man shud get make up award becos they made him actually look as going for a fight.

Any1 who reads this and not watched the ceremony might feel out of place. Bear with me people.

Robert altman who got honorary achievement made a rocking speech.

Ang lee thanked his fictitious characters. So sweet na

Ben stiller was stellar in tht green get up

Owen wilson made a sarcastic remark on himself

George clooney was at his humourous best

The crash team went over the moon and cathy schulma toh phoolein nahi sam paa rahi thi

I hope to someday cover that ceremony.. Now thats my dream..


Whoopi goldberg ur indeed right in saying that oscar is the only 78 yr old man in the whole world who does not need a viagra for three and half hours.


At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Archana said...

whoa! live show.. thats awesome! lucky you.

i missed the first 1 hr of the show.. n hey thats a nice stand-out wisecracks. If i had to write abt the oscars i would have mentioned the same list :)

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Divine Thoughts said...

yup..i too had seen the live show..

crash is too good and its worth getting the award...

a must see movie

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Ramya said...

you're right, i didnt watch the ceremony and i got lost somewhere along your post.


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