Monday, March 06, 2006

Kudos to Ang Lee

I am usually a guy with an attitude which is predominantly laidback and that i guess has been my greatest undoing over the years. Anwyays i am not using this platform to give a soliloquoy. But the thing is that i never do my work when it is to be done but today i watched a movie and that made me do something so very uncharacteristic of me. But am not complaining because it deserves this amount of respect.

Usually i dont like romantic movies much. Mushy mushy romance is a big NO for me. The only romantic movie which i liked was gitanjali(directed by mani ratnam).I liked it beacuse the villain is the situation itself. The love story of two dying patients made me empathise with those characters.

After all these years it was brokeback mountain which made me feel in the same way. My first reaction after the movie was "HOLY JESUS !! BLESS ANG LEE" On a superficial level brokeback consists of sodomy,some real passionate smooches between the male protagonists and oodles of breast baring. This will definitely raise some eyebrows but those were intrinsic part of the film and they were not forced in the plot.
The plot is set in 1970's and is a gay romance between two cowboys and how the stigma attached to homosexuality forces them apart (F@#$ing society !!!)
The trials and tribulations which they go through after separation forms the crux of the movie and MAN !! the director has done one hell of a great job.

Some of the stand out scenes in the film for me are :

1) The first love making scene between the male protagonists and those smooches will definitely give emraan hashmi huge complex.

2)The scene where jake gyllenhaal harangues heath ledger for sacrificing their love for the sake of the society.

3)The scene where ledger's wife tells him that he forgot the fishing gear while going for fishing.

4) The scene where a distraught jake gyllenhaal goes to a male prostitute.

5) And of course the whole denoument makes the viewer feel for ennis del moro. The way he still thinks jack twist will come back is a kodak moment.

Photography of rodrigo prieto deserves a special mention for capturing the eponymous brokeback mountain in a breathtaking way.

The guitar strings of gustavo santaolalla transcends all human emotions in a soothing lilting manner.

I dont watch much of english movies and heath ledger was unknown to me except for the fact that i saw him in patriot. Hes given an oscar performance.The angst of the character has been quite effectively portrayed by ledger.

Jake gyllenhaal has graduated from day after tomorrow quite well.The good thing about these guys is the way they "swing both ways" .
The fact that ang lee is the man who made the absurd flick THE HULK really baffles me. But hes proven his mettle with brokeback mountain.

Brokeback mountain is one film which i may not watch with my mon but i will definitely show it to my children.

Its really heartening to see that so many "Deviant" scripts are finding applause.If last year it was charlize theron's lesbian portrayal in monster which fethced her an oscar this year brokeback mountain is the derby everyone is betting on .
Even truman capote is a gay author and capote is a fromt runner in best film category

Even on literary front last year the gay novel "line of beauty" won the booker.
So homosexuality is a t forefront at last for right reasons.

But god knows when the indians can watch brokeback mountain unedited on the silver screen. I can still remember when in alexander a mere peck of colin farrell got a censor cut. Thats how sick we are. No wonder we dint win any oscars. Touche baby touche.

P.S: I want to thank from deep within my heart the site and the bearshare software for letting me have the privilege of watching brokeback mountain wihtout any censor cutting


At 3:08 AM, Anonymous kirthi said...

quite a thoughtful article....
our(indian) mindset is in desperate need of a metamorphosis.
good thinking...!


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