Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Its high time men shed their chauvinism

Today its international womans day. Thanks god its happening at international level. If its only in india i would have felt really squirmed right away. The only cause for celebrating this day would be that the economy is booming and women never had such a great wide variety of options.

Barring the economic front, in all other fronts women are still lagging. All thanks to the pukeable male chauvinism. If we could have half that chauvinism towards our country it would long have been an economic super power. Take for instance the jessica lall case. The cad (manu sharma) shot the lady just because she refused him a drink after hours. This woman was a perfect present day woman. She did modelling and bartending as part-time. This was in way back 1999. She had such a bright future. But the pervert who shot her had his ego hurt and so he shot her.

These days BPO sector is in a great boom and just when women have frequented their homes at "odd hours" ,a woman was raped and brutally killed in bangalore in the cab itself. I think this should be the food for thought to officials to legalise prostitution.

Legalisation of prostitution will bring money for govt(as if it is empty now !!) and all these guys who fear conviction if caught in the lap of a tollop,will get a haven to show their "virility". The sex surveys in national magazines have shown a trend and thats quite pacifying in these turbulent times. One in every four women in india have had pre-marital sex. It seems that women are not going to marry men who are not virgin. Before the trend used to be otherwise. The likes of Kalpana chawla ,arundhati roy et al., have put india on world map.But just when u uncork the champagne theres this suicide of mandeep randhawa which asserts the fact that these so called progressive women resort of coward acts.

Its gratifying that atleast one section of women have taken cudgels and tried to question the soporofic mores of the country. Way to go gals and ladies.

HAPPY WOMANS DAY to all those brave woman in this entire world.

P.S: This blog was meant for humour,humour and humour but i read recently somewhere that the younger generation is looking to blogs for happenings around the world. SO that made me more responsible towards my peers who think that "only IAS aspirants" read the newspaper editorials. I dont blame ya guys and gals. Its just the times we are living in


At 11:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it that the result ought to be legalization of prostitution.. :-)

its not a great effort in that direction butu ur veiws on the rest are humorous..


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