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Adam and 'St'eve stand up !!!

Before i embark on my long article i wish to issue a caveat to all those who read my blog. Since my blog is read more by females(shud i rename my blog as femina or 'swathi' !!) , lemme tell u ladies the following thing has lots of expletives and if ur a kind of person who winces at them please stay from this. I promise next time something more edible will be there for u to digest. This one is just for my personal satisfaction.

A couple of days ago, i felt heartening on reading an article which says that "In a bid to make a space for themselves in the society, homosexuals of the metropolis have come together to form an association to fight for their rights and create awareness among peer groups". This association is called Men Community Development Scoiety(dont brand it as chauvinist !!). Its a 300 member association.

The best part about this article is that the association in not formed in a progressive place like mumbai or delhi or bangalore but in a predominantly conservative city, chennai. Now this is the same city which harangued khushboo on her pre-marital sex comments and issued show-cause notices to shilpa shetty and reema sen on wearing "revealing" clothes.

This is a progressive small step towards big things to occur in future. But good things are ephemeral. When delhi high court said that its high time homosexuals are due the deserved respect the supreme court intervenes and says that the indian society is not yet "ready" to accept homosexuals atleast for next five years. So the case has been quashed(sine die i guess !!)

So the sc thinks that we are not ready for radical reforms. The sc forgets the ancient history of india. The kamasutra vividly describes the pictures of homosexuals in different positions. The ajanta & ellora caves bear stiking testimony to this fact. But we are not "ready" still. We are "ready" to accept tainted ministers, we are "ready" to accept corruption as part of our daily life, we are "ready" to accept terrorist attacks as subversive acts, we are "ready" to accept the mallika sherawats,bipasha basus as perfect substitutes for nargis,madhubala, we are "ready" to accept india's defeat to second string english team, we are "ready" to accept sonia gandhi as epitome of sacrifice even after her face saving act ,we are "ready" to accept bpo jobs which the developed countries loathe at, we are "ready" to wear designer clothes designed by designers who blithely describe themselves as gay but we are not yet "ready" to accept homosexuals.

The other day i was watching the 80's hit mard. In one scene amrita singh whips amitabh bachchan as if flogging is an aphrodisiac for her. After a long whipping she asks him

"kis mitti ke bane ho tum. Tumhe dard nahi hota"

Then Big B brazenly answers

"memsaab jo mard hota hai use dard nahi hota"

Cut to biggest block-busters of 2001 and 2003(K3G n KHNH resp) shah rukh cries inconsolably as if there's no tomorrow. And lo behold the "metrosexual" male arrives and saif ali khan only redefines the finer points.

When we can accept a male who goes to padicure and manicure at regular intervals and who thinks being mawkish is cool. When a male can show his undies (a la salaam namaste) or can wear his wife's undies ( a la david beckham) we dont term them deviant. Then why single out homosexuals.

When sania mirza's displays her chutzpah at wimbledon through her tee which blares out that

"Well behaved women seldom make history"

The media hails her as the modern women and the people(including the conservative muslims) accept the paeans.. But this same society is not "ready" to accept homosexuals. The victorian code of morals has made supreme court without much firepower it seems.

Whoever had the courage to read uptil now might say that may be we are really not "ready". Well cynics, the next few lines are for you. Whatever happens within four walls between consenting adults should not be a problem for others. And mind you homosexuals means not having sex. Its more of compatibility. Jake gyllenhaal says one memorable dialogue in the immensely popular and heart-wrenching brokeback mountain to heath ledger "I wish i could leave you". This defines homosexuality for me. When someone is comfortable with the person of his same gender why should it be a problem. Technically speaking, most of the girls and boys are lesbians and gays.

Most of the girls and boys -leaving aside the sporadic tomboys and studs- are with the people of their same gender. They sit together, eat together, sleep together(in hostels),share their wildest fantasies and what not.. But does that make them homosexuals.. The answer is a big NO. But theres an element of truth in that. Some of them may feel comfortable in each other's company and hope to live together.
We all say that there were only adam and eve not adam and 'st'eve.. Its all CRAP !!
Adam and eve are myth.

The reason why i am advocating for homosexual rights is that in a normal marriage when partner dies the other partner gets the property. But not so in a homosexual relationship. The homosexuals cannot accept children. Isnt this deplorable for a democracy whose preamble shouts equal rights, right to freedom. Was that just an eye-wash. I hope NO.

In the booker winner "line of beauty" which is set in aristocratic english milieu two guys go into a park and when their hormones get aroused one of the guy performs fellatio and the cop overlooks. Cut to india forget fellatio even if two guys hug each other they are gonna be booked under POTA act.

So does the homosexuals deserve this unfair treatment especially in a country where a seemingly extinct species hunter(salman khan in this case) is being harassed for seven years. When animals Are shown this much of regard the homosexuals need a bit of commiseration. Thats it.

P.S: Just when the MCDS formed in chennai at the same time MSM is formed in guntur. Now MSM is an acronym for "men having sex with men". Now these are the perverts who think committing sodomy will give them an entry into the venerable homosexual community. Shutting down these kind of clubs will expedite the process of accepting homosexuals in the society.


At 3:06 AM, Anonymous divya said...

Hey dude your article makes complete sense. There are 8 different types of genders that has been identified in our country. This of course was never recognised and was buried in the gender studies books of our libraries. But the reasoning of not "ready" is total rubbish and its high time that we enact a law legalising homosexuaity. Its high time that we define the and analyise the concept of sexuality.

At 4:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i know u right..i wud say..u are a Bloody Brat..but suppposing that i dont know u...i wud still say u are THE MOST UNETHICAL person (now i dont find a replacement for the word 'person' shud be something closer to inhuman) ..but i know..u wud protest that u are the most ETHCIAL person considering the little ethics u wud leave this comment as anonymous...not becoz i dont want u to know who i am..but..just to show u ..ur bloody way of tricks....i sincerely wish u neva get anythin u wish for...and hav a dirty future ahead (just the way u are)

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think u r right. But basically, i don't feel so strongly about it like the way u do. Each person to his own wish. Maybe our country should do something about all this,at least respect their privacy, but when the hell was our country ahead!!!

At 10:15 PM, Anonymous divya said...

Hey dude, i think u got me wrong. The rubbish was not for your article, it was for all those people who thought that we are not ready for accepting homosexuality. the types of genders, i know two of them, the Ghariya's and Kothis. The rest let me dig into the gender books and let u know.

Happy blogging

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is again anonymous (one): the things i wrote in my previous comment is for U (J JAGAN)..and not for ur article..(about the article i dint read it!!..yes u heard me right i dint read it!!)

At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with u..not completely though...but definitely 2 a certain extent...the very definition of homosexuality as seen by Indians seems 2 b very deviatin..ppl think its all bout sex....however,sexuality is a personal u said "Whatever happens within four walls between consenting adults should not be a problem for others"...
its appallin why ppl r scared 2 accept the truth...yes the whole homosexuality issue isnt new!
leavin the above discussion thing bogs me down ..shud homosexuals relly b given rights 2 adopt children?some food 4 tought!

At 3:46 AM, Blogger sowmitra said...

march 27th can become a really very importand date for u to remember, since this post might really change some things. as i read it again ana again i understand it more and more nicely.

At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Jyotsna said... are totally right...what ppl choose to do behind closed doors is none of the world's business...and as for being 'ready'...there is no question of getting ready...homosexuality has existed since time immemorial...and India never really got ready in these, watz new? but I definitely oppose giving adoption rights to homosexual couples...except for that legality...homosexual marriages should be allowed

At 10:22 PM, Blogger The mocking spirit said... thats like one helluva article...!!

I completely agree with ya...!


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