Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finally !! God has answered my prayers

An year ago when sachin battled with that tennis elbow and finally against all odds came back onto the field he was jittery . The same thing is happening to emraan hashmi (read it as kissme). When anyone of his millions of
fans across the perverse community of the world, look at the way hes smooching in gangster , will feel bad for the hero. This was the guy who virtually bit mallika sherwat's lip in murder and is now doing a la vivek oberoi and abhishek bachchan. Hes not at his menacing best just like sachin was after coming back from the injury. Theres no navel groping,no touching of the errogenous zones, not being able to smooch for more than 5seconds, no neck biting. God !! Let the phoenix rise from the ashes as soon as possible.

But we have to consider the trauma he had to go before coming back to what he is good at - smooching(according to the bloody cynics). He had to make a public statement that he wont be kissing anymore on screen (poor girls !!). Then what made him retreat from his horrendous decision and come back to scorch the screen.
He wont be able to tell those reasons publicly ,but i being a staunch fan of his can tell what happened and why he had to make the hard decision of smooching on screen again..

1) Emraan was to get a multi million advertisement deal with polo,menthos and all he mint producing companies to promote their respective brands. Who else can be a better brand ambassador. Just imagine emraan after smoking a box of cigarettes and then popping off one mint in his mouth and go and kiss a starlet besides him.
And the starlet will say kya taazgi hai.. If he doesnt kiss then emraan is bound to lose a big lucrative -and probably the only one -endorsement.

2) All the aspiring film heroes and heroines reached emraan and asked him to "smooch" them through. Because smooching is sure way to success and he is the only encyclopaedia available in india on smooching..

3) All the producers who produce his movies thronged his home and said how the audience are retreating from theatres after learning tht there wont be any kisses. So its mandatory in his contract to have atleast three 30
seconds smooches in their movies.

4)All the starlets(udita goswami,tanushree dutta,diya mirza ,celina jaitley and reportedly mallika mam also) requested emraan to reconsider his decision because without emraan they cant ignite that same passion.

Considering his status of a demi-god in the pervert zeitgeist and due to his altruistic intentions emraan agreed to do what he is good at -smooching(damn critics !!).

Atlast god listened to my prayers made a few days ago in this same blog. All the perverts and voyeurs(including yours truly) are waiting for the menacing emraan.
We r sure thats round the corner. After all his next film is titled bad boys.. God knows how a good boy can do a movie about bad boys ???

Can anyone out there answer ??


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous lavanya said...

hey buddy..
this one is absolutely of ur best..
couldnt stop laughing..
well well u in emran's fan club..

At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess...u shud know it better than GOD...coz..u are a pranky and double-tongued fellow..why do u say a thing and do another?? are u able to act good while u are actually a f***ing A**hole ?? so all these activities of urs keeps u in a position to answer ur own silly question..okk...for the first time i helped a dirty rogue !!


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