Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Screw the bloody chauvinists !!

I had some exams to write so thought of giving an unwavering attention to them but alas result will be the same(extremely low marks !!)
Anyways before i write this article.. Let me issue some caveats(Aww.. yet again !!)

1) Im a pucca feminist but if i hurt the feelings of the ladies please know that its purely unintentional.

2)This is a really long article and i will be digressing here and there so please give ur undivided attention.

3)The most important one is that my article is in no way condoning heinous crimes like rape but im trying to ascertain the reasons why a rape is committed.

The other day i saw some statistics on tv. It said that every one hour two women are being raped in india. That set my brain ticking. Why is it that only in india do we see the rapes being committed at such a large scale ? I have tried to bring out my own thesis.

India is predominantly a male chauvinistic society and its provenance lies circa ancient age. Women have always been seen as a derogatory thing and a child producing machine. And it took the indefatigable spirit of some of the stuanch feminists to change the ante-diluvian mind of the society. This has not pervaded into the society but atleast some sporadic movements took place and women demanded what is already theirs.

This irked the chauvinistic fraternity. From then on men started to perpetrate these heinous crimes on women. Lets know one fact that rapes are not performed(is it a stage or a circus !!) by sex starved people or the sozzled up guys. They form a minuscule percent. Its mostly the chauvinists who try to assert their masculinity.

If a guy is sex strved then he can easily access a prostitute(read it as call girl !!). But a chauvinist wont be having paid sex. Indian men try to break the vulnerability of a woman. If its a wham-bam-thank you-mam kind of girl a chauvinist will feel hollow from inside. He needs to pander to his already inflated ego. But some women remain doughty even after a rape. And this is when the chauvinist starts abuses her. He will do so until she succumbs and pleads to him.

The kolkata high court was supposed to have given a watershed judgement when it sentenced dhananjoy chatterjee for death penalty but did it have any effect the exponential increase in the number of rapes. The answer is a big NO. The simplistic solution is to castrate all the men in the country !!

The statistics also reveal another depressing fact which is that among every 5 women raped one of them is a child. So wat about child rape ? Well, lets know that when a chauvinist is desperate to assert his supremacy all he needs his vulnerable face. Because lets be very clear about one fact that a chauvinist commits a rape only when hes been confronted by a flinty woman. Unable to face her he starts looking for options elsewhere.

Some say that provoking dresses worn by women incites the sexual hormones of men. Its pure bunkum. Statistics reveal that most number of rapes are done in villages where women cover themselves from head to toe. The rampant illiteracy in villages is one major factor in developing chauvnism. Why does guys have to take mms of their girlfriends and make it public. Thats just to get their ego flattered. They can talk at lengths about their carnal shenanigans. Did u say how sick ?? IT IS..

Even the society doesnt give woman her due. The skewed sex ratio corroborate this statement.
A couple of months ago at the audio release function of shaadi ke pehle mallika sherawat, in her very own inimitable brazen style, said that "my mom and brother are happy that at last im doing a U certificate movie".
It seems her mother moves in a burqa while shes out. Thats beacuse to avoid the glare of passersby. This is just an example of how a mother cant even be happy that her daughter is most wanted sex symbol. This might look like a perverse example but chauvinism evolves from perverseness.

A few days ago all hell broke loose and the whole bangalore was on fire. That was because the kannadigas most revered person rajkumar died and his fans are not getting a chance to give him a last look. This is one kind of chauvinism- linguistic chauvinism. Take this, if amitabh bachchan dies(i hope he never does) apart from a concerted memorial nothing much will happen. But in this case rajkumar represented the kannadas- and only them. He reperesented kannada language. In this age of predominantly english speaking people how else can mayhem happen ?

Well, rajkumar represented not those urban people but the villagers who think that kannada is the supreme of all languages. And mind you, their numbers far outweigh the urban population. Even the brilliant karunya lost to an insipid sandeep in the indian idol competition due to the language chauvinism factor. The andhra people wanted a guy who could sing in telugu not the one who could reperesent andhra at a global stage.

We have to change our parochial nature and until then no matter how many FII's are pumped india will still remain backward.


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

exploring another angle?? ur article might be true... it incites rage.. tell me what are you going to do bout chauvanism??

better try to fix the problem tham to fix the reasons and the blame(well! u fixed it accurately on the chauvanists)
i'd love to hear what a stauch chauvanist would say to this..

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous lavanya said...

nice one.. but i dont think u are trying to "fix the prob" of chauvanism..
since u say u cant change the parochial attitude what do u suggest instead? should woman be docile?

At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one,but somewhere u lost the point u were tryin 2 say i guess.plesant 2 find men who support feminists.my blood boils wenever i think of the rape issues,might b cos i escaped one such attempt by gods grace,n mite b cos i was molested as a child.Life has been tough 4 me but i've learned 2 move on.It pains however cos i could never punish the offenders.Now thts the sorry state of affairs.Who said women sholud b docile?(with reference 2 the above comment regardin ur article).All i can say is 2 xpect that the society is goin to be women-friendly(wat a term) is like a wild-goose chase.Thats impossible.Women need to learn to protect themselves.
Thanks to the increasin porn industry the minds of even 7 or 8 year old boys are polluted now.The no of school children(around age 10-15) accessing the net 4 such purposes is increasin at i dont know wat pace.All women out there,Wake up 2 reality .Learn 2 fight ur battle!

At 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice to see u write again....loved ur article...but wat is da solution? is there anything that the common man should do in order to avert these? but still, like ur style of prose

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous jwala said...

nice arti...bt nt upto ur standard...
half way thru,u diverted from the central topic, cited some examples,brought in some analogies which were nt exactly parallel,n thn didnt bother to gt back to the main stalk even at the end,...making the conclusion pretty weak...unlike u at all...
there r certain disturbing (minor) technical errors which i'll point out to u (hopefully in person)...
well...u say tht : "atleast some sporadic movements took place and women demanded what is already theirs.
This irked the chauvinistic fraternity. From then on men started to perpetrate these heinous crimes on women."...
if u analyse this...u mean to say tht the whole problem cropped up after women demanded their rights n nt before tht...ie in "ancient" times whn were women were subjugated or smthng...no man wud rape a woman???sounds quite silly to me!!!
the whole article started with the idea to analyse the existing problem...so the logical end wud have been to suggest a plausible solution,(although hypothetical)...
bt then...the lines: "but did it have any effect the exponential increase in the number of rapes. The answer is a big NO. The simplistic solution is to castrate all the men in the country !!"-sounded pretty ridiculous.wt u r dealing with is a serious issue,and such suggestion doesnt fit here...not quite sane...
finally..at the conclusion,i simply dont understand the relation bet. male chauvinism,linguistic chauvinism and mallika sherawat...coz the whole idea was to deal with "rape-scenario"...
all in all...a good kick off,nice idea but badly implemented compared to ur othr artis...

At 10:08 PM, Blogger The mocking spirit said...

chauvinists who try to assert their masculinity.

Now that has made me say exactly...!

Men...just crave to have the "power"...and when this yearning for power is questioned....they like to assert is all the more.

Drop in at my blog sometime.

U write....like....Amazing..!

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Sameera said...

castration would help?!!!???

no way!!!!

anyways its nice to hear from a self proclaimed feminist..ill agree to most things you have said..well said esp awesome for a guy to realise all this :)

keep up the good work

ps-it helps to keep dictionary.com open in the other window while reading ur blog

At 1:00 AM, Blogger Beau Peep said...

The hanging of Dhananjoy Chatterjee is reflective of our mindsets, the mountain that we are yet to climb to call ourselves civilized.

However, being the way we are has its benefits. I have explained it in my post here today.


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