Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hi.. I am.. Move on.. 3mins up

A few days ago while going through a magazine i read an amazing article about speed dating in india(jee haan bharat desh main !!). This agency is in bangalore. They take 1500 from a person and pit 10 girls against 10 boys and give them 3 mins each to interact with all the ten people of opposite sex. Not to forget of course the piquant cocktail. If they find comptatible then they can go on a lonely date. But the glitch is that each person can talk with the opposite sex for only 3 mintues and then move on. Did u say ridiculous ? Me too. But the psycholgists aver.

They say that when two people meet they form an impression in the first 30seconds. This reminds me of oscar wilde's quote

" There is nothing like good or bad in this world. Its either charming or tedious"
Touche sir.
While calculating the permutations and combinations atleast one pair will be of a shy guy(like yours truly !!) and an equally demure girl. Literally speaking it will atleast take more than 3 minutes for that guy to break the ice(i dont know if pun is intentional or not !!). And god help if its a shy guy and a girl with oodles of chutzpah. He will either look at her toes(who said swarg pati ke charan main hota hai !!) or the surroundings but most definitely not at her face. And by the time he counts the number of fingers(who said abacus is the simplest form of counting) in her feet 3 minutes will be up. God forbid !! If the girl is a drop dead gorgeous(if she is does she need a date !!) one then the guy will take the whole 3 mintues to gorge at her beauty.

The other day i was watching mtv super select(god knows whats super except the two new commodes) and the effusive nikhil chinappa was in k.j.somaiya and he chatted with girls over there. HE asked them what is the first thing that u look in a guy. The answers left me quite befuddled and increased the disquiet in me. One of them said muscles. Thats the reason we see salman and john topless..

The other one said fashionable clothes. I dont want to hurt anyone's sentiments but girls usually like overtness. And some guys(including me) like subtlety. Thats gonna increase the friction. Another gal gave a prompt reply that she wants a guy with intellectual eyes. I have tried to look at the eyes at people of both sex but all i could find was a black or brown or blue ball on the cornea. Girls are really inscrutable(Mr.anurag mathur u made a BOO-BOO).

Whenever an eccentric book or movie or music is released the artistes claim that their works have their own target audience and all they need to do is to procure that audience. In the same way these dating agencies will help any guy or girl to find their perfect dates. But my only grouse is that a person will be counting those damn 180 seconds !!


At 3:04 AM, Anonymous jwala said...

hi there...
that was quite an interesting piece...but i dint exactly get the purpose...
i mean...if u have an agency trying to do the cupid act, thn this is not "the first of its kind" in "bharat desh"...
and then, u were talking 'bout permutations and combinations...right?
well,tell me...i dont think any sort of a shy girl or a guy with an "indian background" wud venture into smthng like this.n even there are such shy despos around, i think they'd b fully aware of wt the agency is offering...
now,the biggest problem i have with ur arti is tht..."the reason why these speed dating agencies will thruve"...and u attributed it to "girls' inscrutability and overtness"????
dont u think u were being more thn unfair by saying smthing like tht???
u say appreciate subtlety...and u r the guy who also says..."I have tried to look at the eyes at people of both sex but all i could find was a black or brown or blue ball on the cornea"
quite subtle....rnt u???
well mr.jagan,eyes speak a language of their own.and as for the "overtness", i think there are loooooooooooads of men in the world who look at a woman and appreciate their measurements rather thn their intellectual capabilities...quite overtly...
i am sorry for attacking u, bt i feel wt u wrote doesn't make sense...sorry...hate me if u wanna

At 5:48 AM, Blogger sowmitra said...

hey!man tell me any person who in the world would spend 1500 bucks and waste those 3 mins. by being too shy.
but interseting topic to select and this time around do not contradict yourself.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous lavanya said...

well buddy.....!
this piece is quite homorous and entertaining..
apart from that i cant find anything except a (self-claimed) feminist who is converting to the other side..

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Hafiza said...

ahem!quite funny.....yea..ladke tho aise jagah daud kar jayenge par afsoos wahan ladkiyan thodi kam pad jayengi.....Now Adam n Steve stand up???????

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Num said...

The concept is in sync with the ways of (most of) the youth today.
Fast food.
Rapid climb.
Quick marriages.Quicker divorce?
(not to forget the pre-nups)
Everything must move fast.
In that vein,after two minute noodles,three minute dates wouldn't sound so bad.
The problem lies with the fact that
nobody wants to spend too much time and effort doing anything.
What follows is Easy come Easy go. case you didn't quite get it
I don't support the idea and
the thought process behind it.
Then again,too each their own.

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Num said...

Dang! Typo in the last sentence :P
*To each their own*

At 11:12 PM, Blogger J-O-S-H (My Bench !) said...

intresting topic to write on...nice blog...

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Sameera said...

3 minutes is all bullcrap...if all they wanted was to chose someone in 3 minutes sharp..they could have chosen some one around them..anyday :)

oh so ur shy!

im one of those types who hates brawn in a man esp the excess variety so dont fret about what a small portion of the women wanted...

as for clothes..yeah a well dressed man is always eye candy :)
well neednt translate to expensive desginer overtnes...

u just have to know how to dress "smart"

neways..girls are inscrutable..keeps u guys wondering..keeps us happy:)


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