Thursday, July 13, 2006

'Kis's.. 'Kis's ko ban karoge !!

If ur a couch potato and more so a music channel addict then you must have observed the fact that there are no more remix videos on air. Why ?? Well, the I&B ministry has decided to keep a primsoll line for those videos. According to the I&B
minister mr.jaipal reddy, the remix videos are corrupting the minds of the easily influencable age group, which is, 16-24. This means that all the nymphets, namely, deepal shaw, shefali zariwala, rakhi sawant et al will be rendered jobless. Just when we talk about women empowerment the goverment is hell bent on not giving the women to earn their bread.
The most distressing part about the whole thing is that theres no point banning these videos. I
still remember 8 years ago when my friends and yours truly used to wait for that all passionate smooch on santa barbara, bold & beautiful. We were least concerned about the story. All we wanted to watch was a smooch. And we used to get really randy when baywatch was on air. Carmen electra n "siliconed" pamela were pin up girls. During my 10th, one of my friend came to me and said that the internet hosts nude pictures. This made me sound like the typical hindi film mother- "nahi yeh nahi ho sakta". That was something blashpehmous to me.
And cut to the present days. Nudity has been part and parcel of our daily life. Right from those soft porn movie posters to those 30*60 vinyl hoardings of condoms and ofcourse the ubiquitous internet. Even if you are checking the mail there is every possibility that nude pop-ups come up from all pervasive corners. Thus, in this world of impropriety banning these videos will not serve any purpose. More so, they can be watched on internet or downloaded also. I admit the minatory
effects of these videos on youngsters but banning them completely wil only stoke the interest as happenned to the otherwise insipid fanaa. The I&B ministry should not be acting as a poor ersatz for the censor board. Before banning these videos,if at all they need to be, i suggest some more bans which need instant ban 'cause they may have even bigger deleterious impacts on the psyche of youngsters.

All the serials: Thanks to miss ekta kapoor and her coterie, sanskaar have never been extolled as they are these days. Joint families have been a big no-no for all the newly weds. Because anyways the girl has to fight against the scheming sasu maa,
dayan devrani, n all. The only person normal in the household would be the bahu and all the other women are part of the coven. Dont these need bans ??

Newschannels: If u remember, last november amitabh bachchan had some illness. This was grist to the mill for newschannels and they were seen giving good run for the money of american paparazzi. For god's sake, hes a human being who is battling
with his life and these cameras were busy showing the wrinkles on his face. I can instantly recall where these newschannels swoop onto sexually abused children and cajole them to tell their story. Some of them even ask for those errogenous areas
where the act has been committed. In fact, they publicise it quite well..
A ****** exclusive - how a 10 year old girl has been brutally raped by her father.. Coming up in just a few moments.. staytuned..
That gives us the question of the day- is india becoming an incestuous country.. Isnt this repulsive to the core ??
These newschannels should certainly cater to some basic principles.

Emraan hashmi: If shah rukh is the one man industry then this guy is the one man smooch industry. Concuppisance has never been a virtue until this guy barged, oops smooched, onto the silver screen. If you are a starlet with big dreams in your mind
then go no further. Pop up a chlormint and get to this guy and he will take care of your future. He has mellifulous music to his credit and thats it, your first step towards stardom. But within all this passion play lust has come into fore. The days wont be far enough when the guy finds a girl comely enough for five minutes of smooch n nuzzle and would be audacious enough to do that. So, i demand complete ban of emraan hashmi from hindi films. If he budges, give him VRS(voluntary retirement
scheme) where he will be given a whole month of smooching. Bender of different kind eh ??

P.S: Amidst all this fracas, i would like to draw your attention to the fact that these remix videos are in fact maintaining our culture by replaying all those timeless classics.


At 5:55 AM, Blogger harshad said...

there really is no point in baning these videos. Actually, banning all the videos for sumthn done by just one item girl seems very unjustified. It was rakhi Sawant's personal was the lame newschannels who made it into big news. Its really weird the way our govt functions.

talkin bout the newschannels, they have become more like masala tabloids, lookin for the next silly thing to make a big news story out of, targetting filmstars...

And the abuse cases...thats another story.

Also, remember the coverage during the Rahul Mahajan episode? I just couldnt figure out what they wanted to do by airing the interview with that drug dealer guy. (Sid, i think) just got more youngsters interested in the dark dwellings of the drug traffikers.

Also, one more thing that these channels never cease to do is picturise politicians involved in sexual acts with hookers. The end effect of this is that the young generation stops beleiving in the political system.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger Sanchari said...

u know what.. this is not a comment on this one but a genral comment I am making after reading your blog.. You and I have loads we can't see eye to eye about so I am going to keep coming back and reading ur blog !

1. Lately people have gone crazy lambasting the news channels. Watch NDTV. I have a feeling you might stop talking about news channels in general and leave NDTV out of it coz till date I have never seen them abuse the medium of newschannels.

2. Hate AAj TAK. They started it ALL !

At 1:30 PM, Blogger sowmitra said...

umm..gud one...though this is also some news boss...and it will be there for some days that's all...
don't wory this is india and like everthing is done for political well be ready to pick out their next attack ....on whom?

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Sameera said...

hmm nice one here jagan

agree that banning is hardly going to make a difference...internet makes everythign possible nowadays

tho i couldnt quite get what u meant by them preservin our culture by playin timeless classics
no way!!!! or was that some sarcastic comment..dint quite look like one tho

At 5:40 AM, Blogger me...just me... said...

dont u think u r fighting a losing battle?...i dont think i am upto commenting on this arti...just left a trace to tell u tht i read this one n found it quite entertaining..:)


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