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How kaavya got famous, got caught and got embarassed ??

Sanjay gupta, more famously known as sanjay dutt's crony, is hailed as the most technically equipped director of indian cinema. Despite the fact that he brazenly copies the tarantino n korean movies. And neither do the original sources raise a whimper. But recently kaavya vishwanathan has been humiliated to all ends because of a blog(the harvard crimson). The blog says that kaavya's debut novel(how opal mehta got wild and got a life ??), which is a bestseller, has many passages-40 to be precise- from megan mccafferty's sloppy firsts and second helpings.

Before haranguing kaavya lets look into the three cardinal issues regarding such controversies.
1) WHY ??
2)WHEN ??
3)HOW ??

LEts look into the first question,WHY ??
Kaavya secured a 5 million $ advance for her novel. And she was initially inveighled and later on chivvied on by her publishers, little brown in this case. Creative works need lot of freedom and thats the reason why even kiran nagarkar came out with his lates work,god's little soldier, after 11 years. But in this case the deadline was set and she had to work towards that. For god's sake this is not a mudnane software job. But whos gonna tell to those publishers.
Still she manages the book to be a taut and engaging one .
But it seems that when she reached that "creative block" she must have plagiarised it(remember mc cafeerty was kaavya's fav). This in no way vitiates the content of the book. Infact those passages are at most inconsequential to the plot.

The second question, WHEN ??
We are missing a clue in this jigsaw puzzle. And its the most important one.
Who knows kaavya might have written her own manuscript but the publishers might have wanted more of a chick lit kinda novel. So, the moot point is, were the passages plagiarised initially or after the publishers wanted something kitschy ?? Remember,
there have been instances of the publishers tampering with the content.

The third and most important question, HOW ??
Kaavya did not copy the passages as it is. She, if the proofs are to be believed, rephrased the sentences. And still shes being humiliated. I am an engg student and even though its incumbent on me to give paper presentations i have never done that.
But many students do give them. They shamelessly copy the content from google and brandish as their own. Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C are the only two commands they use and they win prizes also. Even the Phd's are offered on such cut,copy and paste basis.So that effectively means that "if you copy from a single source then its plagiarism and if its from multiple resources then its research !!". No one is blaming the publishers but i feel they are the real culprits. They should have vetted through the whole thing before its getting.

Somewhere down the line one can sense personal vendetta between the publishing chaebols namely little little brown and random for the book to be removed from the shelves despite the fact that kaavya agreed to incorporate original sentences. Ostensibly, due to the intellectual property infringement. Now lets get to the humiliating part of kaavya's controversy. One of her school teacher claims that kaavya was not a good writer during her school days and she was amazed that kaavya got such huge advance. MODERN DAY TEACHERS !! Instead of commiserating at kaavya's plight this teacher apparently wants her share of glory. Her articles in the harvard journal are also being verified.
Dan brown was really lucky. Even though his da vinci code was partly plagiarised he could not be acquitted because there might be an iota of truth in his superb blend of fact and fiction.One man must be elated that hes spared of the whole fiasco atleast four times. SANJAY GUPTA !!

P.S: kaavya's novel is not a travesty of mc cafferty's novels. I personally liked it very much and its a must read considering the fact that a 17 year old can pull off such a laugh riot. Do spare her for those last 40 dragging pages. I only hope she finds a better understanding publisher not a mercenary for her second novel.


At 11:39 PM, Blogger sowmitra said...

very well written.....u can stand the debate and argue if u want aginst wat the media has done to her...
vindicates kavysa in a way....

At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kavya should've been careful tho!

At 4:35 AM, Blogger abhas1 said...

Nice work. :D

but anyways, Let me take you back and redirect you to CLICK ME


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Sameera said...

jagan..first things first..thanks to you i know now what chaebols and chivvied mean :)

as for the stuff about kaavya,ive read the book before news came out of it being plagiarised and i must say it was quite enjoyable,hilarious and good for a girl her age..

but then dont u think ur allowing her too much freedom when u say shes probably not to be blamed entirely .cos.maybe her publishers have quite a say in this?

frankly speakin,i dont see how a 17 yr old ended up with such a huge deal with little brown..thats one thing i dont get.

and then even if the publishers did pressurise her,copying the work of another author(albeit her fav) is hardly right nor even flattering to her fav author.

dont even talk about sanjay gupta and his movies..when bollywood can see srk in a college scene when he is 40+ or so in real life, we have seen it all and accepted it all..we dont even mind the fact that we could actually watch the original hollywood version and like it better than the copied and "modified -to-make-no-sense" bollywood one.

anyways..ur views are different at a time when everyone wants to take a dig at kaavya for what she has done.sometimes i wonder if the same would have happened if this book was another loser book which generated no interest or if kaavya wasnt a brown female..

and finally..i know u hate s.w and have no gr8 regard for s/w engineers..

being say this aint the best job in the world..looks like it needs no creativity..bel me it does..defn lesser than writing a book..but it aint as easy as it looks on the outside :)

At 11:22 AM, Blogger markiv said...

hmmm... like ive said already- mediocre poets copy...
great poets plagurise!!!

btw thts not an original- thts a copy of some dude who happened to say somethin as catchy, but be4 the advent of mass communication n technology.. so i can afford the "intellectual property" crap...

try to fool a person- its a sin
try to fool an group- its business
try to fool the world- its jus stupidity....

mayb she is capable... but kavya dear bluffed... which evry1 does at some point, but someone jus called :)

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Gulam Hasan said...

hey dude u got an awesome vocab... i really liked the way u write and thank u for increasin my vocab too :)
havent read the novel but did blog abt her cos every1 was ;))
neways thanks a lot for leaving a comment on my blog :D

At 1:02 AM, Blogger Beau Peep said...

Kaavya is a teenager after all. we can't really blame her for what she did in the truest of senses.

However, the treatment she got from the media, especially in the West is despicable to say the least.


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