Monday, June 26, 2006

welcome to the world of double trilogy.. that too every year

What does x-men,harry potter,godfather,lord of the rings,scary movie,rocky,evil dead have in common ?? They are mind-blowing. Yes, they are but they all have their own trilogies too. But hollywood has only a few of them to name but here in indian cinema since circa 2000 we are having double trilogies every year. How ?? Filmfare awards, star screen awards, zee cine awards, iifa awards, sansui awards and stardust.
The depressing fact is that these trilogies have almost everything in common. You watch one of them and you can guess the rest.

Recently the iifa awards culminated and with that this year's double trilogies too.. Barring a few performances on stage these awards are worth a zilch. In oscars, you have all the contestants in one frame with lots of trepidation n willies in stomach. HEre, the jury is very well known so the cronies get away with the awards. How else can one explain black getting so many awards this year ?? Watching black was no doubt a wonderful experience but conferring so many awards on that is a bit too preposterous. Hazaaron khwahishein aisi was a wonderful film but it went unnoticed because it had no "face value".

Even more disgusting part with these awards is that the sponsers pander to the ego of every one who attends the award ceremony. Preity zinta , who last year gave no mighty performance- whats the big deal, she never gives such performance- was awarded the IDEA IIFA MOST GLAMOROUS STAR of the year. Last year shah rukh's only release was paheli which went eponymously to the audience so the filmfare gives him EVERREADY MOST POWERFUL STAR.

The acceptance speeches in the oscars, or for that matter the bafta or razzies, are terse n humorous. HEre, after watching one speech of rani mukherjee i could lip synch her.

"I want to thank the jury, my parents, sanjay, all the cast and crew of black, the helen keller school for blind n dumb and most of all amit uncle who has literally guided me through the whole process."

Now picture this, how rani could have been humorous
"I want to thank the jury especially those who did not watch black but still had to vote for me. I want to thank sanjay for making me dumb because my voice sounds screechy and that does frighten few people. Last but not the atleast, i want to thank the helen keller school for blind and dumb who have taught me a few skills which will help me in finding an alternative career once my film career comes to an end."

Next comes, sanjay leela bhansali chewing gum and talking about reverence to films. Ironically, black did not bag the award which it very rightfully deserves. Gayatri ganjawala for that superb song of black. The only silver lining was shiney ahuja getting award(s) for HKA.. I dont expect the trend to reverse in the coming years. Because our films are regressive and our audiences are even more regressive. As long as the four S's -sanskaar, skin show,shah rukh, sherawat-are an inextricable part of hindi cinema these awards will be blase.


At 12:57 PM, Blogger J-O-S-H (My Bench !) said...

hey its been quite some time since i visited ur blog..nice posts eh! ur vocab is amazing... particularly the recent ones... but don u think u people( most who visit ur blog too!esp guys) are on srk's shoes too much these days?! poor soul...only khan in bollywood vth zero cases registered n a good human being...spare him yaar..he is no harm!
i guessi missed too many posts...
anywayz..keep posting...

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Bharat Jhurani said...

true said.. the indian awards hav lost its sheen... The reason y biggies like aamir, ajay devgan, etc.. fon't attend these...
nd the thankin speech was very humorous keep it up...

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Gulam Hasan said...

LOL @ rani's speech
Great flow, I really like your style of writing an of course the vocab is very good (had to use twice)
keep bloggin dude!

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jagan to criticize is easy..I would love u to be a bit more circumspect......Anyways..The Rani Mukerji thin was gud

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Sameera said...

yeah the awards are all blah
agree with hasan..used to realise u spelt concupiscense wrong in the other post :)

lol@rani's speech and the 4 s's.


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