Friday, June 16, 2006

Its a bad mad ad world..

Ladies and gentlemen, aapka intezaar khatam hua main vapas aa gaya.
St augustine once said that "the world is like a book and if u dont travel then u have read only a page". Well, monsieur i flipped quite a few pages in last month or so.
Here i am with my new blog. Read on..

The title of this article is not only an alliteration but also a pithy testimony to the ad world.. Some recent ads hav really irked me and i sussed upon the following apparent facts. First of all, the maruti esteem ad. The small girl keeps asking her fatso dad "whose car is this". And he, remains mum with a twitch in the upper lip otherwise known as smile. This girl keeps expanding her arms as if working out is mandatory in a car. The denouement is what really makes me sulk. After getting down from the car she shouts "my dad's big car". This can have very debilitating effects.
The advertiser is creating a "snob value" for the 6 yr old girl. She screams before her friends who definitely dont have a "big car". This is nothing less than sleaze. These days parents are more conscious and send their children in school buses so that the milieu is at a common ground. In such moment the maruti esteem ad is indeed regressive.

But the major share of the cake still goes to pepsi. Why on earth did pepsi has to use bebo,priyanka and india's most over rated actor srk to churn out an insipid ad like pepsi tv ?? I thought it would be a new channel which will be bubbly in real terms. What we get is an ad which is as preposterous as iran expecting the world cup. However, i still put up with the ad(as i did with many other imbecile ones) but what is on air these days is really sick. A couple(heterosexual !!) sip pepsi n munch popcorn while watching a cricket match. Suddenly concuppisance creeps into the guy and he tries to fondle the chick but the pepsi spills over him and his amatory plans. Then priyanks pops in and says that "ab aaya naya pepsi combo jisme aap pop corn aur pepsi ek baar kha aur pee sakte hai taaki aap baaki kaam bhi kare." Baaki kaam ?? Oh my gawd !!!

And wat else, in the next shot the guy does four things at a moment thanks to priyanka's divine intervention. If only we could see the fornication clip also. On serious terms, this ad pisses me off instantly. Pepsi has come out with
an ad featuring a despo n a chick(am not sure whether its the girl or priyanka !!)
Shitty ads have always been the indian ad industry's forte. And even more distressing fact is that people ae gullible. Otherwise how else on earth wud a fair & lovely product be famous.
The people believe that using the fairness cream will turn charcoal black girl into taj mahal. They dont understand that the melanine content of
one's skin is permanent and it comes with the birth. So removing that is not a 20 rs sachet's work. But wat else could these middle-class girls do. Nowadays, every matrimonial column asking for brides has one common phrase. Fair looking(read it as outrageously beautiful). This is despite the fact that the prospective groom is a bald headed 40 yr-old divorcee.. But he still wants a fair looking girl.

According to me, beauty is like reservation in higher institutes. Just as reservation allows a deprived student to get into the institutes beauty is the one thing which might instantly attract people's attention. But, once the student enters into the institute he needs to study for the degree. And in the same way the girl needs to have some brains too.. Otherwise she wud be the butt of the blonde jokes.

We indians are so celebrity obsessed that any kind of ad passes muster. The recent fanta ad of rani mukherjee is easily the receipient of worst made ad. Whats pk bose n stuff ?? Leave that.. We have better things to look forward to..
Especially "joga bonito"..


At 10:37 PM, Blogger sowmitra said...

good take...but do u think people will change?that's what marketing companies are there for..and you know that's why i don't like this mba stuff? sometimes you have to go out of the way to do something which is outrageous that too just for money...but maybe the modern gen. will have a definete new outlook...atleast let's hope so...

At 9:07 PM, Blogger The Zarker said...

Thanks!!Great posts you too!..I think you have a strong case here!..Am told by a friend in advertising that 90% of the ads these days target the less than six year old age group!..Probably exploitation of the fact parents take instant gratification of their childrens demands as a measure of their abilities as a parent!!Sad really!.. Another thing that really beats me is the way on the women are just used as some accessory in ads with no relevance to the concept whatsoever!! a vase of flowers or some thing! Recently there was this contact lens a where they show the guy winning a football match and the girl wins a beauty pageant!!I was passing on some major highway a few days ago and there was this hoarding of the Deccan Chronicle with an extremely well dressed girl(?).. For a minute i couldn make out what it stood for!!.. Well on the flip side there have been some rather good ones..Like the titan ads, the cadbury ads, one recent ad of a brother sister trio!..(sbi i guess.. Some thing about life savings i think ) where the sisters(a pair of sweet old ladies) travel
all the way on the train bring the brother(an equally cute looking old man) a box of sweets on his birthday.. really touches a chord somewhere!..and the mastercard ads.. really priceless!!..:).. So i guess we should say heres to responsible ad making!..

At 3:38 AM, Blogger Sameera said...

hehe jagan

u seem to be pretty pissed

tho i have to agree with u on all that u said

there are insaner ads out there esp on tele shopping network
in fact all they do is provide some comic relief

nice post
keep em coming

At 3:54 AM, Blogger sriram said...

That was a nice post :)
"The advertiser is creating a "snob value" for the 6 yr old girl. She screams before her friends who definitely dont have a "big car"."

very thought provoking. But I feel there have been hundreds of ads like this creatin snob value.

And speaking of pepsi ads, they were ALWAYS nonsensical thanks to the cola wars. Initially it started with aishwarya rai, presently kareena and priyanka and future belongs to some chimerical creatures :D

Once again, Nice one :)

At 7:46 AM, Blogger nemesis said...

well...i ain't a poet myself...just penning down some thoughts....
I like what uv written...makes a lotta sense...and don't forget the horribly disgusting mountain dew ads. I think the colas have jointly decided to come up with a whole load of bull****...
well, cheers to the bunch of idiots who think that they make meaningful ads....hopefully, this too shall pass!!!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Zeph Keyes said...

thanx, but which ione u talkin abt?

ps. for those of u who think cola ads suck.. anyone sen the new thumbs ad.. actually, any of their ads..

At 1:18 PM, Blogger J-O-S-H (My Bench !) said...

nice post..a subject touched by many bloggers.but u have a differnt spk... well written.. its seriuosly funny to hear a sanitary napkins"money back offer!!" i wonder for what they r going to return the money...

but trust me,i knew guys who bought fair and handsome packs even b4 i saw the ads on the idiot box...i don think they change in the near future..
but there r meaningful ads yaar.. the latest surfexcel ones are all good..including the endless attempts of tying the shoe lace.. the ac add of the small village girl...some of them bring a happy smile on to ur face( better to watch these than the daily soap!!)

At 10:59 PM, Anonymous hafiza said...

the fair n lovely thingy reminds me of somethin i heard recently..."Marryin a girl for her beauty is like buying a house for its paint.."

At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just want to u to tht india is really comin up with some good ads though 60 percent suck.
wat do u feel wen u see the aids prevention campaign ad??
wat abt the ads which r thought provoking and intellectually very bright???


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