Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A rag-tag writeup

I have never expended a singe brow of sweat on my blog when it comes to how I want it to look or whether I have blogrolled and, truth be told, I suck at HTML big time.
Shilpa and Snigdha have tagged me and this phenomenon sounds alien to me. But I am gonna keep the spirit alive though.

Much as Krissh Ashok would scoff, or much worse, snigger at me, a “dear friend’s” prodding has led to this latest entry.

Following are the five, among not many, idiosyncrasies of mine:

1)I hate at the sight of multiple windows’ on my task bar. I imagine a hydra-headed monster waiting to swallow me.

2)I have an amazing propensity for 700MB movie files. I download them because they give credence to the term DVDRIP.

3)Like Naipaul hated India I hate books which have a best-seller tag attached to them with the same intensity. As soon as I notice this tag I tend to dismiss the book as, to borrow a phrase from the British band “Sex Pistols”, “a piss stain.”

4)I refrain from reading on the web, if I can read it on print. I think I will be doing a great disservice to my fraternity. Moreover, the tangibility factor also comes into play.

5) I started getting newspaper at home since the Toronto Cup in 1996 when Ganguly turned out to be the Seth Rogen of Indian cricket. During those days I used to flip through the pages from back-to-front i.e., sports page to the front page. That habit stuck to me till date albeit these days I read it (newspaper).


At 12:32 AM, Blogger Snigdha said...

Do you realize you have written nothing really personal. Why so evasive? The list is nevertheless hilarious. You are a downloading monster.you freak.

At 1:53 AM, Blogger g-man said...

you're going to positively loathe my taskbar. even the windows have windows :D

amen to the second one. dvdrips rock!

some of the bestseller thingies happen to be kinda ok. most of them do suck though. i read the back first :)

i like the feel of a book in my hand. if its unavailable, e-books serve just fine

i should start reading newspapers, i really should...

At 2:36 PM, Blogger garcia kafka said...

@Snigdha: The only thing really personal about me are my vital stats :) Thanks to someone this freak has mellowed a lot on the downloading front :P..

At 2:39 PM, Blogger garcia kafka said...

@ g-man: Hi thanks for your comment..
I never read the blurb.. Whats the fun in picking up a book which reveals itself even before you sense that wafting smell emanating from the book.. Remember what Voltaire said:
"The secret of being a bore is to 'reveal' everything" :)

At 7:01 AM, Blogger g-man said...

blurb! that's the word i was lookin for. i only read the blurbs on so-called bestsellers to make sure they aren't pointless. besides, they don't reveal anything in the blurb. at least not in the books i've read so far

At 9:39 PM, Blogger sowmitra said...

Do write abt ur wrk man...I was expecting to hear frm u rocking when I called u...but well I did not get you at that point.
Anyway this blog is funny :)


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