Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chuck de NDNC Registry

Rogue economy is anti-neocon phrase, which is yet to enter into the lexicons. But ask any Pakistani and he will start prattling. Rogue economy is something, which fuels a country’s growth even though most of the indices are defunct. In Pakistan the terrorists are contributors and India is also becoming a rogue economy albeit it’s the MNCs, which are major contributors of this economy. Now a sense of lugubriousness is fast setting in and this blame solely lies on you, the mobile user. The numbers getting registered at National Do No Call (NDNC) Registry is increasing at a gargantuan pace. Reason: telemarketers are making unsolicited calls. All I want to ask these people is: do they want their country to revert back to the days of “Hindu rate of growth”?
BPO is a cottage industry, which has generated close to six lakh jobs till date. BPO is an $ 8.4 billion gorilla and it has become an inextricable part of the “resurgent economy”. No other sector pays such obscene amount for what is clearly monkey work. People have stopped studying after 10th standard because they get paid 15 grand for reciting the FAQ’s verbatim. Coming back to telemarketing, the corporates do not leave any stone unturned to improve those quarterly results of theirs. And the “executives” (a glorified tag for a clerk job) are given ludicrous targets to meet.
Thus, they are ensconced in an ergonomic chair in a Siberian pigeonhole called a cubicle and they start reciting their parrot work. And anyway, since when did we Indians start taking care of our privacy when we always wash our dirty linen in public? Telemarketing is a very useful tool for those entire attention deficit people who can pretend talking or who want to show that they are the busiest persons on terra firma. The world is increasingly getting ‘flat’ and India is considered global only because of the exploits of its BPO employees. Western influence in India will get eroded if these BPOs are, god forbid, closed. These “executives” flush their toilets with cash and a pair of Diesel jeans is no more a prized possession.
If at all these BPO employees are to be rendered jobless then indirectly many will become unemployed in India. The condom manufacturers, satin couch producers, people who work in shopping malls, multiplex owners, and fast food outlets are some of the immediate casualties if you register your number with the NDNC registry. If you are a committed Indian citizen and if you think that our population will be our nemesis in the future then start supporting the proliferation of BPOs. Low sperm count and reduced fertility rate are byproducts of BPO. Hence, support our telemarketers, so what if you get a lifetime offer from a network provider when you are in a funeral?!

P.S: This headline was thought of much before than Economic Times.

Some recommendations:

Once: I reached my male menopause the moment the film ended because Glen Hansard does not know that Marketa Irglova indeed loves him. And I was glad that I knew that. This is surely the Before Sunrise of 2007. And do forgive that brogue of Hansard.

Eastern Promises: The violent brawl between the "Chechens" and Viggo Mortensen is the most spine chilling fight I have ever seen, even Ed Norton's in American History X notwithstanding.

Gone Baby Gone: A morality tale which never preaches but still drives home the point that parenting is not an easy job. I have never been much of a Ben Affleck fan but post this movie I respect his direction sensibilities.

The saddest part is none of these movies are releasing in India. Such is the "multiplex culture" here.


At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one..Finally, something concise.
Btw, kudos for learning Czechoslovakian :p..

At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one..Finally, something concise.
Btw, kudos for learning Czechoslovakian :p..


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